July 2013

The Standbys

Every night on Broadway, dozens of the best performers aren’t on stage. They are backstage, standing by, ready to go on at a moment’s notice. The unique and challenging lives of Broadway’s Understudies and Standbys are revealed in Stephanie Riggs' evocative and original behind-the-scenes documentary.

Now available on DVD, or to stream or download!

Get the soundtrack album, including Jonathan's score and some great musical theater vocal performances, on iTunes.

Christmas in Alsace

Hubert Keller is a celebrated French chef, an accomplished restaurateur, and a frequent guest on Top Chef in addition to several of his own cooking programs.

Join him this holiday season on PBS, as he explores the sights, sounds, tastes, and traditions of his native Alsace, France, in this TV special with a full score by Jonathan.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour

This staged, scripted comedy show in the style of old-time radio plays to sold-out houses every month at Los Angeles' Largo at the Coronet Theater. Jonathan is the show's Assistant Music Director, and pianist with the on-stage Andy Paley Orchestra.

The show recently returned from a performance tour through Australia and New Zealand! Look for more information here