May 2017

A Night Called Tomorrow

A Night Called Tomorrow is a darkly comedic 10-episode noir that goes down the rabbit hole of postwar Hollywood, where creeping paranoia and aggressive normalness battle for supremacy. It's released as a podcast on the Howl network, and features performances from Andy Richter, Lauren Lapkus, Baron Vaughn, Josh Fadem, Betsy Sodaro, Molly Quinn and Weird Al Yankovic.

Jonathan worked closely with writer/producer/star James Urbaniak to craft a sumptuous cinematic score in the noir tradition, as well as all of the show's varied source music material.

Con Man

Alan Tudyk's series Con Man is a hilarious behind-the-scenes take on show biz, comic book conventions, and fandom, and features a galaxy of science fiction stars.

Jonathan wrote all the music for Season Two, including a parody musical adaptation of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men called I'm With Stupid, with Lou Ferrigno's musical debut in the title role.