September 2013

Arizona Illustrated

Jonathan wrote all the music for this nightly news magazine series, from PBS and Arizona Public Media. Now airing.

Do You Speak French?

Jonathan continues his longstanding series of collaborations with filmmaker Peter Brogna, with the score for his latest short film.

Do You Speak French? is a dark romantic comedy with an absurdist twist, starring comedian Ted Alexandro and Carrie MacLemore (from Whit Stillman's Damsels in Distress).

Mannerhouse Manor

Jonathan partners with violinist Rebecca Ward to form the Mansfield Chamber Society, providing live improvised underscoring for Mannerhouse Manor - a long-form improv comedy show which parodies Downton Abbey.

The show plays regularly at ComedSportz LA, but it will go on the road to appear in the San Francisco Improv Festival this September.

Get tickets here.

TV Spot: Jack Link's Beef Jerky

Jonathan provided music for this funny television commercial, from Jack Link's "Messin' With Sasquatch" campaign.

TV Spot: Crizal Eyeglass Lenses

Jonathan scored this television commercial for Crizal No-Glare Eyeglass Lenses, now airing.